This is a Seagrave antique pumper from Lincoln, CA.


USEFUL LINKS: The following links are ones that we have found very valuable in obtaining additional information on fire apparatus manufacturers, departmental vehicles, both current and past, and general data on apparatus developments. There are other valuable websites, but the following represent what we consider among the best sources for apparatus.

WWW.FIREAPPARATUSJOURNAL.COM: The "Fire Apparatus Journal" has been a publication of great value since its inception in 1984. It is the preeminent magazine for fire apparatus fans worldwide. The FAJ serves as the premier publication, both on-line and in print, for apparatus photography and regional updates of equipment throughout the United States.

WWW.FIRENEWS.ORG: This website focused on New England has excellent, current updates on a variety of topics including departments and their apparatus throughout the northeast. It provides both information and images, when available, on both current and past apparatus in a very comprehensive listing of departments in New England.

WWW.YNGFIRE.ORG: The Youngstown Fire website presents a wide variety of information of interest to fire apparatus fans (and others). It has a wide assortment of topics including a very useful listing of manufacturers' deliveries.

WWW.FDNYFIRETRUCKS.COM: This is an excellent website devoted to FDNY apparatus with both past and current apparatus represented. It is a very valuable resource for those individuals interested in FDNY equipment of many eras.

WWW.CROWNFIRECOACH.ORG: For those interested in the history of Crown apparatus this website is an excellent source of information. It has information of both past and current Crown fire apparatus with convenient updates to the status of individual units.


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