A digital image of Sparks, Nevada's all-wheel drive pumper.  This is an American La France.

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The THW is an example of a "Katastrophenschutz.", ÖRK - Austrian Red Cross, Polizei - Police, THW - Technisches Hilfswerk; this is Germany's quasi-military organization that combines the functions of the Army Corp of Engineers and Disaster Relief Agency., Fachdienste des Katastrophenschutzes (nicht komplett) -Special Disaster Services (list not complete) Note: this list seems to apply to types of agencies rather than specific departments or ministries., ABC-Dienst - literally "ABC Service"; Atomic, Biological and Chemical Emergency Service, Fernmeldedienst - Communications Service, Betreuungdienst - Support Service, Sanitätsdienst - Medical Service, Brandschutzdienst - Fire Protection Service, Bergungsdienst - Salvage Service, Instandsetzungsdienst - Repair Service, Luftschutzhilfsdienst - Air Protection Emergency Service. This seems to be an obsolete service somewhat like the American Civil defense with responsibilities for air raids. Primarily associated with fire brigades., Nachkriegsorganisation der zivilen Verteidigung - Civil Defense, Bereitschaftspolizei - Auxiliary Police; the Bereitschaftspolizei conducts training for most, if not all German police agencies. In addition, these are the national reserves to help with special situations, including localized emergencies, civil unrest, state visits and such. They are quite different from the Bundesgrenzschutz, of German Federal Police, who are a quasi-military organization somewhere between the National Guard and a state police force., IKRK (English: IFRC) Internationales Komitee vom Rotes Kreuz - International Red Cross (parent organization of all national Red Cross agencies). General Vehicle Terms:, Achse - axle (singular), Achsen - Axles (plural), Anhänger - Trailer, Auspuff or Auspuffgase - exhaust, Auspuffrohr - tailpipe, Beifahrer - Front-seat passenger, Cabrio or Cabriolet - Convertible. "Geschlossen" means the model is supplied with the top up. "geöffnet" means "open" or the top is down., Dachreling - Roof Rack or Roof Rails, Fahrgestell - Chassis, Fahrzeug - vehicle, Felgen - Wheels or Rims, as in "mag wheels"; Felge - wheel (singular), Gabelstapler - Fork Lift, Getriebe - transmission, Inneneinrichtung - Interior (literally "inside mechanism"), Karosserie - Body, Kipper - Usually used in combination, but means dump body, Koffer - Box Van body or Box Trailer, Kofferraum - Trunk ("boot" to our friends in the UK), Kraftstofftank - fuel tank, KTW (Krankentransportwagen) - ambulance, Kühlergrill - radiator grill, Kühlkoffer - Refrigerated Box Van or Trailer, LHF - (Löschhilfeleistungsfahrzeug) - Fire Rescue Truck, LKW - Lastkraftwagen - Truck (in any size), Lastzug - Full combination truck and trailer, what we might call a double-bottom or semi-truck and semi-trailer combo, Lenkrad - Steering wheel, Lieferwagen - Panel delivery truck, Limousine - Sedan, Motorhaube - Hood ("bonnet" in Merrie Olde England), NAW (Notarztwagen) - emergency ambulance with emergency doctor on-board, NEF (Notarzteinsatzfahrzeug) - emergency doctor's car (meets emergency ambulance on the scene), PKW - Passenger car, Pritschen - Flatbed Truck. Most European flatbeds actually have sides, but the term is used nonetheless. Also used for flatbeds with canvas tops., Räder or Raeder - Generic term for wheels, Reifen - Tires, Rückleuchten - Tail Lights, RTW (Rettungstransportwagen) - emergency ambulance, Sattelzug - Tractor with Semi-Trailer, Scheinwerfer - Headlight, Schlepper - Farm tractor, Sonnendach - Sunroof. "Sonnenfaltdach" refers to a cloth or folding sun roof, Spiegel - Mirror, Stoßstange - bumper, Tieflader - Lowboy trailer for tranporting equipment like bulldozers (Planierraupe), wheel loaders (Radlader) or excavator (Raupenbagger)., Tür - Door (zweitürig - 2-door, viertürig - 4-door), Turnier - Literally "tournament" but used for Station Wagon., Variant - Means the same as in English, but another term used for Station Wagon., Weißwandreifen - Whitewall Tires, Source: http://www.1-87vehicles.org/restricted/dictionary.php, Commercial Vehicle Terms:, Allradantrieb - all-wheel drive, Baustelle - costruction site, Bruttogewicht - gross weight, Blattfederung - multi-leaf steel springs, Drehmoment - torque, Drucklufttank - air tank, Erntemaschine - harvester, Federung - suspension, Fernfahrer - long-haul truck driver, Fernfahrerlokal or Servicestation - truckstop, Fracht - freight, Frontlenker - C.O.E. (cab over engine), Hauberfahrzeuge - conventionals, Kabine (Fahrerhaus) - cab, Kugellager - ball-bearing, Kupplung - clutch, Ladekran - Loading crane, like the truck-mounted Hiab, Last(-kraft)wagen, Lieferwagen (pick-up and van) - truck, Lastwagenfahrer(in) - truck driver, Lastwagenfahrer - truckman, Luftfederung - air suspension, Marke - make, Motor - engine, Radstand - wheelbase, Rahmen - frame, Rahmenträger - frame rail, Sattelauflieger - semi-trailer; one that attaches with a fifth wheel, Spediteur or Transportunternehmer - carrier, Straßenbaustelle - road work, Tieflader - lowboy trailer, Tonkombination - Literally "tone combination" but refers to the two-tone horn used instead of a rotating-blade or electronic siren, Turbolader - turbocharger, Transportunternehmer, Spedition - haulage contractor, Umbau - conversion, Verstärkung - reinforcement, Verteilergetriebe - transfer case, Warneinrichtung - Warning apparatus, like a light bar, Warnlicht - Warning Light, Wendekreisradius - turning radius, Zugmaschine or Traktor - Any truck tractor used for towing, like a Unimog or heavy-duty truck, Specialized Vehicles and Terms:, Abschleppwagen, Avantgarde, Bestattungswagen - Hearse, Betonmischer, Container, DLK, Gefangenentransporter, Gerätewagen, KTW or Krankenwagen, Löschzug, Mannschaftsbus, Notarzt, Operationswagen, Rettungsdienst, Schnelleinsatzgruppe, Sondersignal (Blaulicht und Martinshorn), TLF, Wohnanhänger or Wohnwagen- travel Trailer, Military Vehicle Terms:, ARW. (Achtradwagen) - Eight-wheeled vehicle, E. or Einh. (Einheits) - Standardized type, Fu. (Funk) - Radio, gf. (geländefähig) - Off-road going, gl. (geländegängig) - Cross-country going, gp. or gep. (Gepanzert) - Armored, Gw. (Geschutzwagen) - Armored car, HK. (Halbkettenfahrzeug) - Half-track, Kfz. (Kraftfahrzeug) - Motor car, KP. (Kraftprotze) - Artillery tractor, Krad. (Kraftrad) - Motorcycle, Krkw. (Krankenkraftwagen) - Ambulance, LWS. (Landwasserschlepper) - Amphibious tractor, Pak. (Panzerabwehrkanone) - Anti-tank gun, Pz.Jag. (Panzerjäger) - Tank destroyer (literally "tank hunter"), Pz.Kpfw. (Panzerkampfwagen) - Armored fighting vehicle, Pz.Spahw. (Panzerspähwagen) - Armored scout car, R. (Raupen) - Tracked, R/R (Räder/Raupenantrieb) - Wheeled and tracked, Sankra. (Sanitätskraftwagen) - Ambulance, schf. or schwf. (schwimmfähig) - Amphibious, schg. (schienengängig) - Rail going, Schlp. (Schlepper) - Tractor, Sfl. or Sf. (Selbstfahrlafette) - Self-propelled gun, Sd.Kfz. (Sonderkraftfahrzeug) - Special vehicle, StuK. (Sturmkanone) - Assault guns, WS. (schwerer Wehrmacht Schlepper) - Heavy military tractor, trop. or Tp. (tropenfest) - Tropicalized, ve. (vollentstört) - Radio-suppressed, Vs.Kfz. or Vkz. (Versuchsfahrzeug) - Experimental vehicle, Wg. (wassergängig) - Amphibious, Zgkw. (Zugkraftwagen) - Tractor, L. or le. (leicht) - Light, M or mittl. (mittler) - Medium, S. or schw. (schwer) - Heavy