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Fire Apparatus Photography

OVERVIEW: Fire Apparatus Photography is a website designed to share detailed information on a wide variety of fire service vehicles and to provide high quality enlargements of individual fire apparatus. The databases included in Fire Apparatus Photography have over 18,000 records of fire apparatus from throughout the United States with selected listings from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. The departments included are federal, state, county, municipal and private entities. The principals involved in this activity are Chuck Madderom of Bakersfield, California and Shaun Ryan of Sparks, Nevada, both of whom have taken fire apparatus photos since the 1960’s to the present.

RECENT UPDATES: We have added over 800 new records to the Fire Apparatus Photography databases during the past year. The Consolidated database now contains 17,950 individual records and we have augmented many of the other existing databases.
One new database is the Santa Barbara County Fire Department uses beautiful white apparatus with blue striping as does the Kern County Fire Department to which we have added records. The Arizona database has also been increased in the past year with the addition of Tucson FD units. Other California counties with additional records include El Dorado, Fresno, Placer, San Luis Obispo and Tulare. Our enhanced holdings from North Carolina and Virginia can also be found in the Consolidated database.

OUR PHOTOGRAPHY: The vehicles in the databases were individually photographed. Care has been taken to pose the units in sunlight conditions and to minimize background distractions. We provide information on individual units to be best of our ability, but the accuracy of the data is not guaranteed. Additions, corrections or additional information on the records are most welcome from correspondents.

DATABASES: Fire Apparatus Photography is configured in both spreadsheet format and in HTML for ease in searching on a variety of topical fields including location, department, year of construction, builders, models, serial numbers, date of photography and pertinent remarks. Our spreadsheets and HTML listings can be downloaded for ease of searching.

ENLARGEMENTS: Color or black and white enlargements of any of the vehicles listed in Fire Apparatus Photography can be provided upon request. We have provided a convenient order form for this purpose.

CUSTOM SERVICES: We provide scanning services upon request for correspondents’ original 35mm slides, other film sizes and existing photographs. We use a high-resolution scanner and an advanced software package to make corrections and enhancements in existing photography. Please contact us for further details.

CONTACT: Please direct correspondence to: Shaun Ryan, 1660 Vicenza Drive, Sparks, Nevada 89434-2288. Our email is:


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